The editor for tasks and planning

We fixed "todo.txt" for busy makers and creative teams. Thymer is a smart new editor (IDE) designed to plan big ideas at the speed of thought.

Coming Soon

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Dump your brain, cut, paste and clear your mind as fast as you can type. Designed from scratch. Lightweight and really fast, optimized down to the millisecond. Works right from the browser and offline too.

The power of an IDE

Use tools popular for coding, but for thoughts: command menus, references, #highlighting, collapse and zoom in, column views, indent and outline, flags, plugins, diffs, themes and more.

Details and big picture

Planning made easy. Now you can edit your calendar too, with built-in support for daily and long-term schedules. Reference or drag&drop anything to schedule it, or add notes to manage
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's big ideas.

Solo or multiplayer

Building together in a team? Collaborate in real-time. Next to a shared doc, everyone has their own schedule, so it's easy to delegate, take ownership or see what everyone's up to.
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Working on big projects or life plans is a creative process, it's not a shopping list. With rigid apps we simply end up creating todo.txt files. Much faster and easier to focus, like paper. There's no structure or schedule though. After a while, we declare todo bankruptcy and lose overview. Looking for the best of both worlds —fast yet structured— we think it's time for a new take: an IDE, but for lists and planning.