We're very happy about the response we get from our users. Here you can find some of what the press and others are saying about Thymer.

Designed with a clean and efficient user-interface, Thymer drastically simplifies project management with a sleek one page layout that's centered around quickly adding smart tasks.

From users on Twitter and elsewhere:

"If you want amazing customer service from a startup, get your hands on http://thymer.com. Keep up the great work @stunf!!!" - on Twitter
"[..] The best online GTD solution I have ever seen." - on Twitter
"Really enjoying the Thymer Project Management Tool. Nice features and super clean UI. Thanks for the beta invite" - on Twitter
"Thymer is pretty cool; everything in one page, can use it with teams, can track time. Super-smooth interface. Me likee." - on Twitter
"I have been wishing for this for 10 years." - The Biz Diva's Blog
"Thymer Simple Essential Task Management Without the Fuss" - sCommerce - The Social Commerce Blog
"It's got a unique input bar that can analyse deadlines, tags, and responsibilities as you type them in. A great GTD tool for teams" - .net magazine
"A very cool and easy to use project/task management tool http://bit.ly/3lhQca I recommend it. #thymer" - on Twitter
"@stunf Just saw the new features of Thymer, and is all that I was missing. Thymer is the best Task Manager I've ever met. Thx :D " - on Twitter
"The Fastest Project Management App You'll Find" - WebApp.tv Review
"Met Thymer snel en overzichtelijk projecten en taken te beheren als individu, team of klein bedrijf" - Eenmanierom.nl
"I love Thymer! You guys should create more buzz :) I'll help: Definitely the best web app for GTD for teams: http://www.thymer.com/" - on Twitter
"[..] I'm happy to report that the Thymer team understands the beauty of simplicity." - Useful Tools Blog
"Excellent, New Project Management - Online. Loving it already! Got me hooked. http://thymer.com/ -- Check it out!" - on Twitter
"The app is impressively fast." - Technology Bites
"Got addicted to Thymer, its complete and yet so simple to use. Verry handy for projectplanning and monitoring." - on Twitter
"Wow, really, really cool task manager... Remember The Milk, watchout: http://www.thymer.com/" - on Twitter
"Thymer is an amazing todo and project management app." - on Twitter
"#Thymer is a nice tool for Project Management with very attentive support." - on Twitter
"@stunf Awesome, thanks! Keeping it simple - the way project management should be! #Thymer" - on Twitter
"... The interface seriously makes me happy just using it." - on David's Blog

More customer stories...

"A `Right-Size' Project Management Tool. Lightweight & Functional. For a long time, I've been looking for the "right-size" project management tool. Many of the project management tools I've considered in the past were simply too complicated. They did more than we needed them to, and felt like the task management was a task itself. We needed something more project oriented than the typical "To-Do" lists like Remember the Milk, but not so complicated that you need manual to learn how to use the tool.

Thymer is everything we needed:
- Lightweight and functional
- Intuitive - minimal to learn
- We keep track of projects, what's left to do, and who's doing it
- Simple to re-prioritize and categorize items
- Multi-user tracking, note-taking, etc
- Google apps integration for single sign-in
- Browser/cloud based
- Mobile browser version
- Export in iCal to see date sensitive tasks in Google Calendar

We simply love it. "
- Dennis O'Neil, ONeil Interactive.
on Google Marketplace.
"We set Thymer as our browser `home page' so as soon as we open Firefox we can see the tasks we have on for today and the rest of the week. If for some reason we can't complete a task set for today we can easily drag it to another day or assign it to another team member.

We don't just manage projects with Thymer, we can list anything we need to be reminded about: returning calls, paying rent or meetings. We can easily switch between team members to find out what each other have planned for the day and we can generate all kinds of reports. The best feature of Thymer would have to be the smart input box - it's simple and intuitive."

- Read more on the blog of Eleven Media, A Web Design Studio.

Thymer is an absurdly simple web based project management tool. Thymer's approach is unique in that you can literally start using the system immediately without having to learn a complex project management software package.