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Tour de Thymer
The clear and simple interface has three goals: (1) to help you organize tasks, documents and projects (2) to show you what your colleagues are working on, and (3) to get out of your way as much as possible. There is a lot of functionality behind the simple interface, though. Here's a quick tour of some of the functionality Thymer offers to make you super productive!

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Smart Input
Simply type in what has to be done and Thymer will figure out who to assign the task to, what the deadline is, to which project the task belongs and much more. It's as easy as a writing on a sticky note but this way you don't end up with a cluttered desk.
Create projects to organize your tasks. Optionally, you can use colors to make a project stand out and configure exactly who in your team can access which projects. You can also specify an hourly rate for the hours logged for easy invoicing!
Unique one Page Design

Who needs to do what? And when? The answers are all on one page. Organize, delegate and review. All without having to go back and forth between pages.
Take the pain out of Planning
Planning can be tedious. Not so with Thymer: task list meets timeline. Drag and drop tasks to create your schedule. Thymer will tell you if you're going to meet your deadlines. Drag and drop milestones right into your tasklist.

Start the clock. Track time & Costs
1) start the timer
2) do the task
3) mark as done. Thymer will keep track of time.
Navigate around your task list faster with keyboard shortcuts.

Organize your tasks with projects and tags. Filter and search.

Receive email notifications about team activity or delegated tasks. Get reminded about upcoming deadlines!

A powerful search to find tasks and comments across all projects and users.
Get your task list on paper. With a large checkbox on the side of every task so you can check off the tasks with a pencil as you work the old-fashioned way.

Work in Teams TEAMS
Delegate easily. A clear overview of everybody's responsibilities is always at hand.
Powerful Reports on Time & Costs
Keep track of hours worked. Find out who did what at a glance. Use hourly rates to keep track of the project's budget and cost.
Know what's going on
See what your team is up to on a single page. The real-time feed notifies you of any activity and comments.
Stay up to date without the interruptions of instant messaging.
Permissions TEAMS
Set permissions per project or per user. Decide who may view and create projects. Set team administrators. Or do you want a flat team without a boss? That's fine too!
Share comments and files
Collaboration is all about communication. Add notes and attachments to your tasks.
Follow the discussions on the feed throughout the day.
Branding TEAMS
Add your own company logo to personalize your task list, login page and reports.

One Thymer Login, multiple Teams
Are you working with multiple companies or teams? Do you want a separate team and personal account?
With Thymer you can create and join as many teams as needed and effortlessly switch between them, using a single Thymer Login.
Thymer works great with email
Send attachments, comments, and tasks directly to Thymer using your favorite email client.
Thymer on your mobile

Take Thymer with you with the mobile version. For Android and iPhone.

Export to your calendar
Use the iCal export option to export your task list to your calendar software (e.g. Google Calendar, Outlook). Get your Thymer deadlines and milestones right on your calendar.

Why Web Apps from Stunf?

We solve problems, one at a time. Ever had to work with a program with a user interface resembling an airplane cockpit, containing hundreds of buttons and options? We believe applications should be as simple as possible. Programs should solve a single problem, but solve it well.
We bring the web and small businesses together. Why should businesses miss out on all the fun? Recent web developments such as feeds and beautiful designs are also useful for businesses and teams. Life's too short to work with software that isn't any good.
Happy people are productive people. We want to take up the challenge and try to make working with our applications pleasant. Let Thymer eliminate some of the small frustrations in life.
Nothing to install. Our applications live on the internet and can be accessed from any place, at any time.
We listen and improve. If you have any feedback, we're always happy to hear about it. Only by listening can we really find out where we need to improve.
We love what we do. We are passionate about what we do, and we hope this shows in our products and support!

Designed with a clean and efficient user-interface, Thymer drastically simplifies project management with a sleek one page layout that's centered around quickly adding smart tasks.
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