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» Does VAT (Value Added Tax) apply to my Thymer subscription?
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» Can I move projects between accounts?
» What happens if I don't upgrade after the trial/beta or a payment is overdue?

General (Accounts and logins)
Here you can find all information related to Thymer accounts: creating a new account, closing an account, upgrading, cancelling, billing, change account information, etc.

Note that it is possible to have several Thymer accounts using only one login name. Example: your login name could be "mary", and you can have two accounts: your own personal account "Mary's Personal Account", and you can be member (or owner of) a company team account "Example Inc."

Change & View account information
You can view and change your account information on the Settings page. If you have multiple Thymer accounts, select the account you want to review. Then, select the 'Account' tab. Note that you need to be the owner of the account to review the account information.
1. Click Settings, 2. Select account (in case of multiple accounts), 3. Select Account tab

Switch between accounts
It's possible to have different accounts with just one login name. An account can be a personal account, a team account you created or a team you are member of. Those with multiple accounts can switch to another team easily: just click on the name of the current Team under the Thymer logo. An account menu will appear, so you can switch between accounts with just a single click.

There is also an "All Accounts" view, which you can access by clicking "All accounts" from the menu above. It's meant to give you an overview of all your tasks in all your accounts. Although we think it's likely you'll usually only work with one account at the same time (e.g. the work account when at work, personal account when at home), we feel that having one global overview is really effective (and good for peace of mind), and it's one of the reasons Thymer is designed the way it is.

From this "All accounts" overview you can also get an overview of all active projects in all accounts, and easily jump back and forth between projects:

Closing (cancelling) / Leaving an account
You can close an account at any time. To close (cancel) an account, go to the account information tab (see the screenshot above). If you are the owner of an account, click the 'Close account' button. If you are a member, but not the owner, of a team, click 'Leave Team'. A confirmation page will be shown. Click the confirmation button to close or leave the account. If you have a paid plan for this account, you will no longer receive any invoices.

Refund policy
We have a 30 day refund policy. That means that whenever you close (cancel) an account with a paid subscription plan within 30 days from the first payment, you are eligible for a refund. Mail your refund requests to team@stunf.com. After we processed your refund request, it might take several days for the transaction to be completed, depending on third part payment operators. Please note that after 30 days it is not possible to get a refund. If you want to try Thymer longer than the initial 30 trial days without making any commitments, we recommend going for a monthly subscription. No refunds are given for month-to-month subscriptions, and obviously do not apply to free, beta and trial accounts.

Upgrading and downgrading an account
If you are the owner of the account, go to the Settings page of the account, and select the Account tab (as shown in the screenshot above). Click the Change subscription button, select a new plan, and confirm. We will be notified of the request and process it as soon as possible. Note that downgrading your account is not always possible, if you are currently using more projects or users than the new plan allows for. If this is the case, Thymer will show you instructions on how to make your account compliant with new plan. When upgrading or downgrading, any remaining days on your old subscription will be converted into a number of days for the new subscription of equal value.

Charity discounts
If you're a charity, drop us an email at team@stunf.com and we'll work something out.

We are a huge organization. Any custom plans for us?
Drop us an email at team@stunf.com and we'll work something out.

Are there any other fees?
There are no sign up fees, upgrade, downgrade or cancel fees or other imaginary fees. However, if you live inside the EU, you might be subject to a VAT charge (see next section). For refunds, we might deduct a processing fee depending on the costs of the transaction.

Contract length
We will not force you to commit to long term contracts. When signing up you can choose between various billing cycles. If a billing cycle of one month if too much hassle, you can choose to e.g. be billed for every half year instead. Please note that we only refund cancellations made within the first 30 days after the first payment (see Refund policy).

Does VAT (Value Added Tax) apply to my Thymer subscription?
Persons and businesses outside of the European Union (EU) are not charged any VAT fees.
If you are located in the EU, you might be subject to VAT charges:
Note that we can't further advise you on VAT related issues, and suggest you contact your tax adviser or tax office for other specific VAT questions.
More about the EU VAT Identification Number.

Trial Accounts. Try the full version for a month.
Want to try if Thymer makes you or your team more productive? You or your team can use Thymer for a month, completely absolute free, with all features enabled. No commitment. After one month, if you feel more productive, we hope you will stay!

Can I move projects between accounts?
No. Even though it is possible to get a complete overview of all tasks accross all accounts (using the "All Accounts" view), accounts are completely separated. Tasks, users, projects and other information cannot be moved from one account to the other.

What happens if I don't upgrade after the trial/beta or a payment is overdue?
If the subscription for your account has almost expired (end of billing cycle, end of trial or end of beta) a notification bar will be displayed at the top of your task list. It will tell you how many days you have left to upgrade or pay, and a link to the subscription page. If you do not renew your subscription after this period, your account is made read-only until you select a new subscription. We will never destroy any of your data unless you explicitly tell us you want to cancel your account!

By Stunf - Aug 2020
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