Creating Projects

To create a new project, press the + button. The following pane will show up:

Only the project tag (short name) is required. You can also add a longer description, set a color for this project, and mark the project as "private". When the project is "private", it means that other team members cannot see this project or its tasks. To restore archived projects, click show archived projects.

Project List

Click on a project to see the tasks for this project. If you click on 'All', you see the tasks across all projects. If a project is selected, any new task you add is automatically assigned to this project. In the screenshot above, when adding 'feed fishes' it will be assigned to the Garden project. I can also type '@garden feed fishes' from any project or 'All' to add it to Garden.

To change the order of the projects in the list, go to the Settings page.

Too many projects?. If you feel the project list is getting too crowded, you can choose to collapse some projects in a dropdown menu. Go to the Settings page, and select Collapse projects.

Edit & Delete Projects
To edit a project, click on the pen icon in the project tab. Here you can edit the project tag, delete the project and toggle private mode.

Setting Project Permissions
More about Permissions can be found on the Teams page.

By Stunf - Aug 2020
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