All these options can be found at the Settings page.

The page looks like this:

In case you have multiple accounts, it will show a list of your accounts (1.). Below that, tabs are shown for the various options for the selected account (2.). The settings in the "General" tab apply to all your accounts.

Change Password
Go to the General tab. Click 'Change Password'

Display Name
If your username is peter78, but want your name to show up as Peter in the reports and task list, go to the General tab, click 'Change display name'.

Time Zone, Date Format & Start of Week
To change the time zone, date format or set the start of the week, go to the General tab.

Email Notifications & Reminders
To change settings about notifications and reminders, go to the Reminders tab.

To receive email notifications when your team adds, completes or changes tasks, check the "Email me at team activity" option.

To receive email notifications about upcoming deadlines for your tasks, check one or more options for "Notify me via email of deadlines".

Task Creation by Email

Next to adding tasks through the Thymer web interface, it's possible to add new tasks through email. To modify these settings, go to the Task Creation tab.

If you want to add new tasks through email, send new tasks to The email address from which you send the task must match the address specified in "Allow from address". Note that if you have multiple accounts, you must use a different email address for each account (e.g one personal mail address, one work address). Without separate addresses, Thymer won't be able to decide to which account you want to send a task.

The subject of the mail will be added as a task (the body of the mail as comment, attachments will be included).

Project & User List Preferences
To change the project and or user list settings, go to the Lists & Menus tab.

To change the order of the team members or the projects on the Task List page, just drag the names of the teams and projects.

If you have many projects, or a big team with many team members, you can select 'Collapse users' or 'Collapse projects'. Thymer will then put all the projects and/or users that don't fit on one single into a dropdown menu. This way, the users and projects are still accessible with one extra click, but out of your way. In combination with re-ordering your lists, you can put the projects you access most in the front, so the projects you only need occassionaly are put in the dropdown menu. Another way to organize your team member list, is to use Sub Teams (see Teams for more information).

People & Permissions (Team Settings)
Administrators of a team can change team and permission settings using the People & Permissions tab. If your account does not support permission settings, every team member is administrator ("flat team"), and not all options are available.

The team settings tab looks like this:

  1. Administrators can change the global and project permissions of a user by clicking on the "Permissions >>" button of a user.
  2. Administrators can see which users have which permissions
  3. Administrators can create, edit and remove sub teams
  4. Administrators can create new users or invite existing ones to the team

More about teams can be found in the Teams section.

Permission Settings per user
When clicking on the "Permission >>" button in the screenshot above (1.), the following screen appears:

Here you get an overview of all the projects this user has permission to, and the global permissions (access to feed, permission to create new projects, etc.).

By Stunf - Aug 2020
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